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Hello friends! Welcome to Forbidden Storm, where you can find my personal musings and a collection of free digital graphics such as: avatars, banners, layouts, and more! This premade layout, called "Intuition" is originially by Spider Webs. I've been in blogging and digital art for the last 22 years. Yes, my age is certainly showing ;) On January 1st 2023, I stumbled upon Neocities where folks are building all sorts of "retro" related websites. It's for sure taken me back, and it's basicially what I need right now. I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to request graphics! I love making them, and for you my friend, they will be *free of charge*.


January 08 2023: Will be working site content this week! Stay tuned folks!

January 02, 2023: Created Forbidden Storm on Neocities. Please pardon all the virtual dust as I set this site up this week! I'm stoked!


Layout by: Spider Webs

Please enjoy these stunning icons also made by Spider Webs.

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AIR and Misuzu Kamio © Key.
Designed by Tomorrow's Deception.
Resources from Jigsaw Puzzle, Anime Rain, Saruna, & Sanami 276.
Snow effect from: Dynamic Drive